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AJAX Content RotatorGumbosoft AJAX Content Rotator
AnnouncementsThis module renders a list of announcements. Each announcement includes title, text and a "read more" link.
Appointment WizardThis module allows users to schedule appointments and post them in either the Events Calendar and Registration Module or the standard DotNetNuke Events Module.
ArticlesThe Articles module extends the core's Annoucements module with many useful features including: categories, searching, filtering, archives, an automatically thumbnailed image, and Article details. It can be used as a publishing system, a content management system, or for blogging.
BlogBlog Module for DotNetNuke
DocumentsThis module renders a list of documents, including links to browse or download the document. Documents includes an edit page, which allows authorized users to edit the information about the Documents (for example, a friendly title) stored in the SQL database.
EventsThis module renders single and recurring events and includes Master and Sub Calendars with Event Rollup, TimeZone Adjustment, Event Enrollment, and Event Notification.
Events CalendarComplete out-of-the-box solution for events and registration management.
Events Calendar Attendance 
Events Calendar Flash CalendarA flash calendar can be linked to the main calendar.
Events Calendar My AttendeesThis module renders my attendees saved in database.
Events Calendar My EventsThis module renders my Events saved in database.
Events Calendar Promo CodesAdd-on module for Event Calendar and Registration module to manage promo codes and bundled items.
Events Calendar Quick AddAn interface to add an event quickly.
Events Calendar Reg DetailThis module renders template based detail information about the event registration by passing the parameter: regid
Events Calendar Reg ManagerThis module renders my event registrations.
Events Calendar SatelliteA satellite module can be linked to the main calendar.
Events Calendar SearchThis module provides advanced search functions for Event Calendar and Registration module.
FAQsFAQs allow you to manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding Answers.
FAQV2 Tracker-SpohnSoftwareTracker - Frequently Asked Questions V2
FAQV2-SpohnSoftwareFrequently Asked Questions V2
Feed ExplorerAllows users to browse RSS feeds using a tabbed user interface
FeedbackFeedback allows visitors to send messages to the Administrator of the portal and in an associated module, display published certain feedback or comment items after they have been approved for publication.
Form and List Allows you to create advanced Forms or Lists with ease.
ForumThe core forum module for DotNetNuke.
GalleryThe Media Gallery Module stores and displays a collection of items organized in albums.
HelpThe Help Module renders tutorials in a structured manner and allows for easy navigation of the tutorials.
HTMLThis module renders a block of HTML or Text content. The Html/Text module allows authorized users to edit the content either inline or in a separate administration page. Optional tokens can be used that get replaced dynamically during display. All versions of content are stored in the database including the ability to rollback to an older version.
IFrameThe HTML iframe creates an inline frame that contains another document, which can be located on your or any other site.
LinksThis module renders a list of hyperlinks. Links includes an edit page, which allows authorized users to edit the Links data stored in the SQL database.
MediaThis module renders Media files of various kinds, including social media, images, videos, music, and more.
News ArticlesAllows you to publish News Articles to your portal.
News Articles ArchivesAllows you to display a list of articles by month.
News Articles LatestAllows you to display a list of the latest articles.
News Articles SearchAllows you to search articles.
News Feeds (RSS)News Feed allows you to aggregate a collection of syndicated news feeds in Rich Site Summary (RSS) format and render the results in a single sorted list.
Property AgentA configurable property management module.
Property Agent LatestAn add-on module for property agent.
Property Agent SearchAn add-on module for property agent.
Property Agent TypesAn add-on module for property agent.
RepositoryA file/object repository module that includes skinning and community features like comments and user ratings.
Repository DashboardA Dashboard companion module for the Repository Module. Lists categories and top n lists such as most downloaded, latest files, etc.
Search InputThe Search Input module allows searches to be submitted by users, and requires the Search Results module in order to display the results.
Search ResultsThe Search Results module displays search results.
Simple GalleryAllows you to upload and display photos.
Simple Gallery LatestDisplays a random photo from select albums.
Simple Gallery SearchDisplays a search form for Simple Gallery.
Simple Gallery Tag CloudDisplays a tag cloud from select albums.
SmartCalculatorSmart Calculator allows you to easily create calculating forms for your web site.
SurveySurvey allows you to create custom surveys to obtain public feedback
Whats New?This odule allows users to view a list of the most recently added or updated content. Administrators can control the maximum (and minimum) number of items to display as well as the date range to search.
WikiThe DotNetNuke Wiki module, more information available at www.dotnetnuke.com
XML/XSLThis module queries XML Data from a file or an http request, transforms the XML data using an XSL transformation and returns the result back to the user.