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Announcements Module Update

The Announcements module was updated in early April 2009.  The new version add the following features:

  • Times can be specified for Publish Date and End Date
  • You can specify that an instance of the module will display Expired announcements (you would normally add a module reference to an "Archive" page)

DNN Intro Courseware Update

I have updated the DNN Introduction courseware (available on the Downloads page).  This new version actually contains less information than previous versions.

I will be developing a DNN Intermediate course which will include the content that was skipped in the new Intro course as well as additional content.

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Test Category A Download 1818 bytes      gif 0
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Staff Directory

Full NameJob TitlePhoneFaxE-MailID
Mary L. Jones Administrative Assistant(312) 555-0002(312) 555-1234 9963
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Mar 1, 2012

Feb 2, 2012

January 22, 2012

January 15, 2012

January 8, 2012

Staff Directory

Full NameJob TitlePhoneFaxE-Mail
John Smith Director(312) 555-0001(312) 555-1234
Mary L. Jones Administrative Assistant(312) 555-0002(312) 555-1234
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Staff Directory

Full Name:   John Smith
Job Title:  Director
Phone:  (312) 555-0001
Fax:  (312) 555-1234

Full Name:   Mary L. Jones
Job Title:  Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (312) 555-0002
Fax:  (312) 555-1234


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