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Domestic Violence Ministry

The Divine Infant Domestic Violence Ministry is committed to raising awareness of the problem of domestic violence in our community and to offering support and access to help for those who have experienced domestic violence in their lives. 

If you need help, call the 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline -- 708-485-5254



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Just announced.....

Fr. Marcin Szczypula will be the new Pastor of our new parish

Divine Infant Jesus and Divine Providence Parish and School




The link below has the new Decree for Divine Infant Jesus and Divine Providence Parish from the Archdiocese of Chicago.


















Welcome Fr. Marcin Szczypula, Our new Pastor 


For I know well the plans I have in mind for you ... plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


With childlike trust in our Lord, we step forward to be led by the Holy Spirit toward our future.

What’s Next for our Parish?

Now that the specific decision concerning our grouping and parish has been shared, the next effort will focus on supporting all that needs to occur during the transition. A dedicated team from the Archdiocese will provide hands-on assistance to ensure the most effective and positive implementation of any necessary changes, such as financial and facilities planning.


  • Members of the Archdiocesan team will be on-site in the coming months to introduce themselves, provide an overview of the support process, and gather feedback from staff.
  • Specific and meaningful guidance will be provided regarding the parish naming process. Recognizing the emotional and personal nature of this – we are, in fact, seeing the birth of a new, unified parish community – there are very helpful steps that the Church provides.
  • We will hold opportunities for parish-wide prayer and liturgies, reflection, and sharing.


Keeping an Eye on Why We Need Renewal

With each step forward, we must keep reminding ourselves why this is so important to our parish, our families, and our own faith lives. Look around and what do you see? Fewer and fewer people attending mass. An alarming number of people choosing to reject any religious affiliation. A broken world that doesn’t even know it’s broken.

  1. Jesus is calling us to follow Him more closely and seek out His lost sheep. As Catholics baptized into the life and love of God we are called – and commissioned – to discern our part in making disciples. What do we need to do to ensure we are not the last Catholics in our family? How do we practically evangelize others and promote/encourage vocations to the priesthood, religious life and married life? 
  2. Stretched, limited resources have challenged parish ministries; even parishes with abundant resources struggle to engage youth and young adults. Christ is calling us to discern what parish and school vitality means in today’s world and to build communities. How do we work together, across parishes and throughout the Archdiocese, to strengthen each other today and create Catholic communities that are sustainable for the future?
  3. As Christians, we bear Christ’s light and hope in the world. Just as Jesus moved among the people, Pope Francis implores us to go out to the world and to those on the margins. How can we work together in new ways to inspire witness within a world that is numb to the real presence of God?


We Are a People of Great Faith and Hope

With any discernment process comes an element of change and self-giving infused with great hope knowing that what our Lord Jesus Christ has in store for us is so much bigger than what we could imagine for ourselves.  The future will be strong and vibrant for the current generation, as well as many more to come!


I am looking forward to see the fruits of this work come to life. At the same time, I am fully aware of how difficult this change will feel. For many of us, you can’t get much more personal than how, where, and when we practice our faith and encounter Jesus in the sacraments. Fortunately, He is our faithful Shepherd who teaches us that “with God all things are possible.” We will truly marvel at His handiwork in all of this. Please continue to pray for a successful transition and renewal that will lead to greater discipleship, community and witness for our parish, your loved ones, and our entire Church.


Sincerely Yours in Christ,


Rev. Marcin D. Szczypula                                                          

Pastor, Divine Infant Jesus                          




Renew My Church Minimize

Following is the decree for Divine Infant Jesus and Divine Providence Parishes



Holy Week and the Sacred Paschal Triduum Minimize




Holy Week and the Sacred Paschal Triduum are the most important days of the liturgical year.  Your experience of Christ's suffering, death, and resurrection will be enriched and deepened by your participation in the liturgy during this holy time.





Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, April 14th:  Masses 5pm (Saturday), 930am, 1130am





The Sacred Paschal Triduum:


Holy Thursday, April 18 -  8am -- Morning Prayer

                                            7pm -- Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper. 

                                                        Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 11pm






Good Friday, April 19 -   8am -- Morning Prayer

                                         3pm -- The Passion of the Lord

                                         7pm -- Solemn Stations of the Cross




Holy Saturday, April 20 -  8am -- Morning Prayer 

                                            1pm -- Blessing of the first foods of Easter

                                           8pm -- the Easter Vigil in the Holy Night



  Easter Sunday, April 21 - Masses 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am


Please Note:  There are NO confessions on Holy Saturday and NO 5pm Mass on Holy Saturday.


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Thank you for visiting our website!  We are Divine Infant Jesus Parish and School.  We have been serving catholics in Westchester, IL since our founding in 1947 by Rev. Fr. Charles Langan.  The photo above is of the Divine Infant Jesus shrine on the side altar in church.  


Watching over the Christ Child in the shrine is Saint Nicholas.  The fourth century bishop and wonderworker is the patron of children.  We venerate Holy Nicholas and entrust to his care the Christ Child and the faithful of Divine Infant Parish.

At Divine Infant Parish, every day is Christmas!

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