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Form and List Templates

The developer of the Form & List module was kind enough to add some functionality based on a suggestion that I made.  The added functionality is the ability for me to create Form & List templates that are available to any of our DNN websites.

The idea behind these "global" templates is that if I create a specific version of the F&L module that might benefits multiples sites, I can make that available (so that it's easier for everyone).

The one template that every site could easily take advantage of is the Staff Listing template.  To use this template, add a new instance of the Form & List module and Apply the Staff Listing template.

Form and List Module Update

I have updated the F&L Module to a beta version.  This version is currently going through the final review process for release.

This version fixes the problem with EMail fields not rendering.

In addition, I can now create preset Form and List templates and make them available to all sites.  The templates are:  Staff Listing, Announcements, Downloads and Paged HTML.

Announcements Module Update

The Announcements module was updated in early April 2009.  The new version add the following features:

  • Times can be specified for Publish Date and End Date
  • You can specify that an instance of the module will display Expired announcements (you would normally add a module reference to an "Archive" page)

DNN Intro Courseware Update

I have updated the DNN Introduction courseware (available on the Downloads page).  This new version actually contains less information than previous versions.

I will be developing a DNN Intermediate course which will include the content that was skipped in the new Intro course as well as additional content.

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