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Google Search

Rather than using the Search Input/Search Results modules for searching within your site, you can add a basic search to your site that uses Google as the search engine.  The advantage of this type of search is that it can also find content in linked files (such as PDFs).

To use this search, add an HTML module to your page and copy/paste the content in the text area into the SOURCE view of the HTML module.  You will then need to adjust the settings of the module and activate (check) the Token Replace option.

NOTE:  This code was available on another website and is provided as-is with NO support because I didn't create the script.

Security Roles/User Account Issues

The upgrade to DNN 5.1 created a glitch in the settings for maintaining Security Roles and User Accounts in existing DNN sites (sites added after the upgrade don't have this problem).

The problem is that you can't manage security roles (and you might have problems managing user accounts) despite the permissions indicating that Administrators have edit permissions.

"Re-Synching" the permissions fixes the problem.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Login to your DNN site as an Administrator
  2. From the Admin menu, choose Security Roles
  3. Open the Security Roles module Settings
  4. Click the Update link

You may also need to do this for the Admin, User Accounts module as well.

DNN Modules 1

The courseware for DNN Modules 1 is now available in the Downloads section.

Events Module Update

I have updated the Events module to the latest version (5.0.1).  If you are using this module, take a look at the available Settings in this module and options when you add events to view the changes.

User Group Meeting

The next DNN User Group Meeting is Friday, July 24th, 2009, beginning at 1:00 PM.

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